Kanaan Integrated Support System (KISS)

As part of a family, communication is very important to be updated to avoid misinformation, miscommunication, and misunderstanding. With the advancement of technology where a lot of information is digital and easily accessible through gadgets, communication has improved considerably.

We want you to grow with us. Therefore, KISS was created to provide an automated system that ensures fast operating procedures to keep students meeting their performance achievements. Learning through technological means is another step to learning in a fun but interactive educational process.

We want you to see us anytime, anywhere. KISS was created to have an accessible online system that shows the provision of transparent and timely information about the school. Through this feature you can track and monitor student progress at any time for parents, teachers, and students.

We want you to be a part of us. KISS is a way for you to convey your concern to the school that we can use it to improve our services.

We value your time.
We see your needs.
We listen to your voice.

Because KISS is the doorway to the KANAAN world, you can see it through your hands.


Because KISS provides transparency and effectiveness in accessing student progress information

Become More Responsive Through the Use of Technology​

As a family, what matters to you means a lot to us. In Kanaan, strong parent-student relationships are essential to everyone’s growth. To do this, open communication is a key factor. For this main reason, we give you access to view schools through technology assistance.

Dear parents and students, we present you a KISS.

We want you to grow with us. This automated system ensures fast operating procedures to keep students meeting their performance achievements.

We want you to have clear information. With this access, you can save time by knowing the following without having to spend time coming to school and seeing the teacher to get the following:

Student academic performance

You can keep track of your child’s academic standing and the score will be updated. You can also view scheduled tests and projects that will help you to alert your child.

Record student health

Health is wealth. Through this, you will be updated of your child’s health record.

School activity

We open doors for you that you can be a part of our school events and activities which you can view through this system.

Online learning

Education is not only done in schools. We want to provide learning also through technological means.

Platform for service requests/concerns raised

Care is demonstrated through listening. In this system, you can provide your concerns which we will use to provide improvements in our services.

Payment service

To save time and keep you informed about your account, it will help you to be updated and track payment updates.

You will see us anytime, anywhere. You will be a part of us. You will save your time

To access the Kanaan Integrated Support System (KISS) please