Kanaan Alumni

ALKA at a glance

Kanaan Christian School produces graduates called Kanaan Alumni and later formed the Kanaan Alumni Association abbreviated as Alka. Alka serves as a forum that unites alumni of all generations in all corners of the world. Alka must serve, contribute energy and thoughts for the advancement of the alma mater, society, nation and state with the spirit and spirit of the alma mater so that each of his works plays a role in advancing the Kanaan Christian School, society and nation.

To realize the vision as mentioned above, strategic steps need to be drawn up through the consolidation of organizations and programs. More than that, it requires a collective willingness to build understanding and share experiences between alumni in order to mobilize all Kanaan Christian School alumni spread throughout the world through the work program of ALKA management.

Kanaan Alumni


ALKA is an organization that can play an active role and contribute globally based on the love of Christ, a person who is intelligent, has character, cares for others and the environment.


ALKA is to strengthen alumni family ties and facilitate all potential human resources of alumni and the entire Kanaan Christian School and Kanaan Global School community to be able to develop themselves as individuals who are shining, intelligent, democratic, and take part in making the best contribution to the global community.

Vision & mission

Field Work Programs and Sub-Sectors

Alumni Database

Purpose: Collecting alumni data for all SKK and KGS
Brief description of activities: Strategy for inputting batch data and data from the TU for new Alumni whose data is still fresh and assisted by the head of the branch ALKA for validation.

Alumni Card (Synchronize with student card, employee card)

Purpose: Every alumni has an Alumni Cardi
Brief description of activities: Creating a synchronization card design for alumni card numbers with the database

Branch Alumni Manager

Purpose: Establishment of branch management
Brief description of activities: Formation of alumni committee

Field of Cooperation and Partnership

Business Partnership Development and Other Institutions

Purpose: Explore the potential of Kanaan Alumni who have businesses for CSR programs or build partnerships.
Brief description of activities: Marketing of products owned by Alumni to be able to build partnerships Cooperation among others and with schools, manufacture of merchandise in collaboration with the Secretariat

Public Communication and IT
  • Manage the Canaan alumni portal and information on the Canaan website
  • Manage alumni social media as the organization’s official information media.
  • Managing Publication Activities and Public Communications Various Activities.
  • Build relationships with schools and communities.
  • Provide a medium of communication between alumni.
  • Preparation of Guidelines for Utilizing Canaan Alumni Corporate Identity (approval from CT Marcomm).
  • Preparation of guidelines for the use of Indonesian ALKA identity logo/color/font/tagline, etc. in the manufacture of various publication materials such as posters, banners, xbanners, etc. so that there is consistency and uniformity.
  • Collaborating with core management and secretarial areas to carry out socialization.
Human Resources Development Bidang


  • Maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit among the young generation of Canaan Alumni.
  • Provide an overview of the opportunities/prospects of running an independent business for Kanaan Alumni members who are just interested in starting a business
  • Provide development related to talents and interests
  • Provide additional self-development/Entrepreneurship material for Alumni who are working in their fields, for example: Public Speaking, Leadership, Positive Psychology, or other technical training
  • Making Kanaan Alumni a reference organization for companies/organizations that require self development-based training.

Type of activity

Talent and Interest Development

  • Art Field.
  • Sports Field.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Miscellaneous fields.
  • Development of further studies to university.
  • Entrepreneurship Development.
  • Canaan Alumni Young Entrepreneurs Development.
  • Seminar/Training based on Self Development/Entrepreneurship.
Community Service Sector (Synergy with Kanaan Reaches Out)

Education Scholarships for Canaan students in need

Time: Monthly
Purpose: Reducing the cost of Tuition for students in Canaan
Brief description of activities: Students who will receive assistance are selected first

Social Service at the Home for the Elderly/Orphanage

Brief description of activities: Distributing donations at the Nursing Home/Orphanage

Caring for victims of natural disasters bencana

Caring for Friends with Disabilities

Purpose: Develop public insight into issues that occur related to the lives of people with disabilities and provide support to improve the dignity, rights and welfare of people with disabilities.
Brief description of activities: Collaborating with the disabled community for an exhibition of their work or a show of skill

Education Scholarships for Canaan students in need

Time: November
Purpose: Giving a sign of love to a retired teacher
Brief description of activities: Give something to teachers who are retired as proof of love for him.

Management Terms​

The term of office is 3 years. The maximum term of office is 6 years/2x term of office. Meanwhile, if after the 2nd term of office ends, he can be re-elected to become ALKA’s advisor after 1x empty period.

Advisory Board are persons appointed by the Board of Trustees, on the basis of recommendations from ALKA Branch/Central.

Management Requirements (attached to the nomination requirements)

Violation of the ALKA rules and norms can result in dismissal from serving in the management as agreed by the decision of the board members.

Management Terms

Candidates are graduates of SKK and KGS.​

Active in establishing relationships with fellow alumni and the school

If a candidate is nominated by another board of directors, the candidate must first state his/her willingness before being nominated.

Not involved or have a history in criminal and civil cases.

Not involved or have a history in the use of addictive substances, drugs and the like.

In good physical and mental health.

Each candidate gets 2 letters of recommendation from fellow Canaan alumni for those who are nominated or who nominate themselves.

ALKA management is at least 30 years old and a maximum of 75 years at the time of office.

Candidates must be people who are moved to contribute to the development of Canaan.

ALKA Registration