About Kanaan


To provide good quality of education based on Christian Values


To become a renowned, independent Christian school that develops students’ and staffs’ potential optimally, equipped with good moral values and able to contribute actively in the global society.

Vision & Mission

Message from the Chairman of the Foundation

In the name of the Lord Jesus,

The Kanaan Foundation welcomes the Kanaan Christian School website

Praise be to the Lord Jesus for His love so that the Kanaan Christian School can continue to be given gifts and opportunities to serve the community in the field of education. Kanaan Christian School and Kanaan Global School are schools that are founded and run based on Christian values. Kanaan Christian schools are located in several cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Cianjur, Banjarmasin, Kubu Raya and Semarang. Meanwhile, Kanaan Global School, a school that combines the National Curriculum with the International Curriculum, is located in the city of Jakarta. Through any information provided on this website, we hope to be able to help fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who are looking for information about Christian schools. It is a valuable opportunity for us to be able to introduce the Kanaan Christian School and we sincerely hope that a good relationship can be started through this introduction.

Jesus bless you

Tjhin Ferry Winarta, S.E., M.M.
Chairman of the Kanaan Foundation



Everyone is precious in the eyes of God. (Isaiah 43:4)


Value & encourage hard work, initiative and creativity.


Honest and with integrity.​


Serve with the love of Christ.
(1 Korintus 13)


Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom..
(Amsal 9:10)

History and About the School​

Born as a form of gratitude to God, the Kanaan Foundation was founded in 1969 by the True Jesus Church Indonesia. Along with the name “Kanaan”, which is a promised land abundant with milk and honey, the Kanaan Foundation hopes to become a source of blessings capable of radiating the rays of God’s love.

As one of the main needs of the community, the Kanaan Foundation realizes the importance of the availability of good educational facilities. School as a means of formal education has become a source of knowledge and a place where character is formed. Therefore, the Kanaan Foundation established the Kanaan School which was first established in Jakarta; and along with God’s inclusion in more than 50 years, the Kanaan School is currently in 7 different locations and spread over 6 cities on 2 different islands.​

SKK Jakarta – 1970
Focus, vision and commitment are things that are needed to have a positive impact on the environment in which we live. For more than four decades, the reputation of the Kanaan Christian School Jakarta has a school culture that has delivered students from various backgrounds and abilities to become individuals who contribute to the real world.

SKK Tangerang – 1986

Kanaan Christian School Tangerang believes that every individual is valuable in God’s eyes. We always place the highest priority to provide balanced student growth be it academic, spiritual and emotional development in a conducive environment so that it can grow optimally when students start learning from kindergarten level and continue to be in SD, SMP, SMA and SMK.

SKK Cianjur – 1991
The Kanaan Christian School Cianjur ensures that its graduate students become fully developed individuals, ready to face the challenges of the wider world. We strive to achieve balanced growth, namely growth that integrates character with academic development as a basis, along with spiritual and emotional development.

SKK Banjarmasin – 1992
The combination of intelligence and imagination is an important resource that will have a tremendous impact on education. Some people believe that a person is born with the talent of genius, while most argue that genius is mainly achieved through personal growth in a very caring, conducive and safe environment.

SKK Kubu Raya – 2000
For almost 50 years of gaining the public’s trust, Kanaan has brought quality educational planning supported by passionate and God-fearing educators and teachers as well as school principals and Foundation administrators who each provide diverse experiences, because we really care about your growth.

Kanaan Global School – 2000
Since its founding in 2000, Kanaan Global School’s vision has been dedicated to providing quality education based on balanced educational growth in academic, spiritual and emotional development for young people to be able to reach their potential as confident and compassionate citizens.​

Philosphy of Christian Education

A Christian School must be a Christ-centered learning community, a place of para teacher and student love and accept one another, a place where students are valued and encouraged in such a way as to grow, and place Jesus Christ as Lord of all things that happen.

Majelis Pendidikan Kristen di Indonesia

The Kanaan School is committed to being:

Christian schools that have basic values ​​derived from the Bible.

Christian schools that make the knowledge of the Lord Jesus and all His true teachings the center of learning.

Christian schools that are able to create a comfortable learning community; which is based on the true teaching of love.