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Early Childhood Education Curriculum


Primary School​




Middle School




Senior High School




Vocational Schools



Excellence of the Kanaan School

Kanaan Integrated Support System (KISS)

KISS is an integrated system built to provide transparent and timely information about schools, student academic performance, school activities, online learning and other features that can be easily accessed via gadgets for teachers, parents and students

Safety Clean

We want to modernize schools that support student learning in the 21st century by creating a safe, healthy and conducive learning environment

Kanaan Cares

Develop students’ personal and emotional development through school activities, such as Bible Camp, character building, fellowships, school events

Kanaan Goes Global

We want your children to develop their potential, ready to face the global environment of the 21st century so that they can compete locally and globally

Aim High, Achieve High (AHAH)

We want your child to identify and recognize God-given talents. We want your child to develop their identified potential that they may be complete

Balanced and Unified Education Plan (BNUEP)

Education is about the process of imparting not only (academic) knowledge, but also values, skills and attitudes that will benefit their careers and contribution to society.

School list

Kanaan School has six schools, which are located in the most exclusive areas in Jakata, Tangerang, Cianjur, Banjamasin and Kubu Raya.

Focus, vision and commitment are what are needed to have a positive impact on the environment in which we live. For more than four decades, Kanaan Christian School Jakarta has a reputation for having a school culture that has delivered students from various backgrounds and abilities to become individuals who contribute to the real world.

Jl. Kran Raya No.7 – Kemayoran - Jakarta Pusat 10610


Kanaan Christian School Tangerang believes that every individual is valuable in God’s eyes. We always place the highest priority to provide balanced student growth be it academic, spiritual and emotional development in a conducive environment so that it can grow optimally when students start learning from kindergarten level and continue to be in SD, SMP, SMA and SMK.

Jl. Sukamanah V No.11-12​, Tangerang 15118

The Kanaan Christian School Cianjur ensures that its graduate students become fully developed individuals, ready to face the challenges of the wider world. We strive to achieve balanced growth, namely growth that integrates character with academic development as a basis, along with spiritual and emotional development

Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No.64​, Cianjur 43215​


The combination of intelligence and imagination is an important resource that will have a tremendous impact on education. Some people believe that a person is born with the talent of genius, while most argue that genius is mainly achieved through personal growth in a very caring, conducive and safe environment.

Jl. Kapten Pierre Tendean No.50, Banjarmasin 70231


For almost 50 years of gaining the public's trust, Kanaan has brought quality educational planning supported by passionate and God-fearing educators and teachers as well as school principals and Foundation administrators who each provide diverse experiences, because we really care about your growth.

Komplek Taman Bougenville, Jl. Sungai Raya Dalam, Sungai Raya, Kec. Sungai Raya, Kabupaten Kubu Raya, Kalimantan Barat 78391